Eternal Flames: Personalized Memorial Candles for Lasting Tributes

Memorial lights have been used for a long time to honor and remember people who have passed away. There are many ways to make personalized memorial candles unique. They can have a picture of the person who have passed away, as well as their name and their birth and death times. 

One good thing about personalized memorial candles is that they can be put on a show in a prominent place in the home.

personalized memorial candle
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People light personalized memorial candles as a way to remember a loved one

A memorial candle is a useful tool for honoring the life of a deceased loved one. It allows family and friends to continue the ritual of remembrance and provides comfort during times of grief. Lighting a candle each day can help reduce the pain of loss.

Its origins can be traced back to ancient pagan rites and the birth of Christianity as we know it.  Light is said to be pure. It removes darkness, feeds life, and lights everything.  As a result, the light became a suitable sign for God, the ‘Blessed Savior,’ also known in the Bible as “the light of the world” [John 8:12].

personalized religious candle holder

Thus, candles have long been used in churches and are well-established in our culture as a sign of remembering those who have died.

How to Memorial Candles can be personalized?

Personalized Memorial Candles are a highly recommended option for memorial gifts due to their thoughtful and heartfelt nature.  Multiple alternatives exist for a memorial candle.  One option for obtaining a memorial candle is to purchase a customized one from a retailer. Alternatively, you have the option to create your own memorial candles. Read our guide on personalized memorial garden.

Types of Memorial Candles

Aside from traditional wax memorial candles, alternative options such as electric, battery-powered, or solar-powered memorial candle votives are available for purchase.  These function as ongoing personalized memorial candles tribute.  Memorial markers at gravesites are commonly decorated with solar-powered memorial candle votives.

Three types of memorial candles are the following:

  • Electric memorial candles
Electric memorial candles
  • Battery-powered memorial candles
Battery-powered memorial candles
  • Solar-powered memorial candle
Solar-powered memorial candle

Virtual memorial Candles – Light a Memorial Candle Virtually

Users can access virtual personalized memorial candles through websites or mobile applications that allow them to light and modify digital candles with personalized words, photographs, and other features. Some sites also allow users to share their virtual candles with others via social media or email, thereby creating a virtual area for remembering and supporting.

Visit the website of Grateful Living’s light a candle in memory to virtually light a candle in memory of someone. 247Candle provides a virtual memorial remembrance section for its users.

Yahrzeit Memorial Candles

Every year on the date of the death of a loved one, Jews light a Yahrzeit candle. Usually, the Yahrzeit candle is lit the night before the person’s death date and burns for 24 hours. It is a way to remember the person and show respect for their memory. Family members or friends often say prayers or perform routines at funerals.

Yahrzeit memorial candles

Memorial Candles with Photo

A memorial candle becomes a remarkable personalized memorial candle tribute to a loved one with a specific image of you. Your loved one’s picture has a cozy glow behind it, indicating that their memory is still blazing strong.  

You can add a picture, name, birth, and death dates, and a touching saying or message to memorial candles with photos to make it more special. Also, the personalized memorial candles are made in the person’s favorite color or scent, which gives them a special touch and makes them even more valuable.

When purchasing a memorial candle with photos, it is critical to find a high-quality item that has been handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Look for hand-poured candles manufactured with natural, non-toxic components. Consider the candle’s size and burn period to ensure that it provides a lasting memorial to the individual being honored.

Memorial candles with photo

Memorial Candles with Flower

Memorial candles with flowers are commonly used to honor the memory of someone who passed away during funeral ceremonies, memorial services, death anniversaries, or any other time of the year. The act of lighting a candle holds symbolic significance as it serves to pay respect to the passed away or to remember a special memory as desired by the family. A memorial candle with flowers can be customized with specific names, dates, and even a photograph as a unique memento or keepsake celebrating a memory. Personalized memorial candles with flowers are available in different sizes and styles such as wax, LED, or glass.

Memorial candles with flower

Memory candles feature personalized photos that are ideal for showcasing at the memorial service or as a keepsake after the service. These candles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

Memorial Candle Holder

Experiencing the loss of a loved one can be a challenging and emotionally difficult period. The engraved memorial candle holder is a suitable and considerate gift to express sympathy to serve as a beautiful tribute to your loved one. The memorial candle holder is a personalized item that features the name and years of life of a special individual. It also includes a two-line message or passage and is decorated with the symbol of a dove. This candle holder is designed to provide comfort during difficult times by lighting the way through the darkness. 

Memorial candle holder

The personalized memorial candle holder, named “When Someone You Love”, is a unique gift of condolence that serves as a tribute to a beloved individual who has passed away. The product is made of cast stone concrete, which ensures its durability for outdoor use.

Words for lighting a Memorial Candle

When making a memorial for a loved one, the words and decorations on the monument are a lasting honor to their life, family, and legacy.  This writing or phrase is called an epitaph.

It’s hard to find the right words for lighting a memorial candle, and the limited area makes it even harder.  

Here are some examples to assist in your planning Words for lighting a memorial candle:

  • Remembering…
  • Dedicated to the Memory Of
  • “Here lies”
  • In loving memory of
  • The final resting place of
  • Cherished memories of
  • In Loving Memory
  • Precious Memories Of
  • Happy Memories Of
  • In Remembrance Of
  • Our Gorgeous Boy / Girl
  • Cherished Memories Of
  • Dearest Memories Of
  • Remembering Our Dear
  • In Memory of
  • In Loving Memory
  • Dedicated to the Memory of
  • In Honor of
  • A Tribute to
  • In Treasured Memory of

Memorial Candle Quotes [Top 55]

Here are quotes that can be used for personalized memorial candles:

  1. “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear.” – Anonymous
  2. “Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was great love.” – Unknown
  3. “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” – Unknown
  4. “Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” – Eskimo Proverb
  5. “A life that touches others goes on forever. Remembering you and the impact you had on my life.” – Unknown
  6. “In loving memory, your light will forever shine in our hearts.”
  7. “Gone but never forgotten, your spirit lives on in the flickering flame.”
  8. “In the midst of darkness, your memory illuminates our path.”
  9. “Forever in our thoughts, forever in our prayers, forever in our hearts.”
  10. “Your flame may have extinguished, but your love will forever burn bright.”
  11. “In remembrance, we light this candle to honor your beautiful soul.”
  12. “Though you are no longer with us, your light guides us through the darkest nights.”
  13. “In loving memory of a life well-lived, we light this candle in your honor.”
  14. “Your memory is a flame that will forever dance in our hearts.”
  15. “As this candle burns, we cherish the precious moments we shared together.”
  16. “Your love continues to warm our souls like a glowing candle in the wind.”
  17. “In memory of a beloved [relationship], this candle symbolizes the eternal bond we share.”
  18. “With each flicker of this candle, we celebrate the legacy you left behind.”
  19. “Forever remembered, forever missed. Your light remains eternally in our midst.”
  20. “As this candle glows, our love for you grows stronger with every passing day.”
  21. “In this gentle flame, we find solace and comfort, knowing you are at peace.”
  22. “Your light may have faded, but the memories we hold dear will never dim.”
  23. “With this candle, we honor the life that brought us joy, laughter, and love.”
  24. “Though we mourn your absence, this candle represents the eternal connection we share.”
  25. “In the radiance of this candle, we find hope amidst the darkness of loss.”
  26. “As this candle burns, we remember the happiness and warmth you brought to our lives.”
  27. “May the glow of this candle serve as a reminder of your enduring spirit.”
  28. “Your memory is a beacon of light that will forever guide us.”
  29. “With this candle, we keep your spirit alive and honor your remarkable journey.”
  30. “In this flickering flame, we find comfort, knowing you are watching over us.”
  31. “In the absence of your physical presence, this candle symbolizes the eternal bond we share.”
  32. “Though you may be gone, the essence of your beautiful soul remains in our hearts.”
  33. “As this candle burns, we find strength and peace in the memories we hold dear.”
  34. “Your light may have gone out, but the love you shared continues to ignite our souls.”
  35. “In remembrance, this candle represents the eternal love and gratitude we hold for you.”
  36. “With each flicker, this candle reminds us of the joy and happiness you brought into our lives.”
  37. “Your memory shines brightly, illuminating the path of our lives.”
  38. “In the gentle glow of this candle, we find comfort, knowing you are never truly gone.”
  39. “With this candle, we honor the legacy of a remarkable life lived to the fullest.”
  40. “Though you may have left this world, your light will forever guide us through the darkest nights.”
  41. “In this flickering flame, we find solace and peace, knowing you are in a better place.”
  42. “As this candle burns, we celebrate the cherished memories we shared with you.”
  43. “Your spirit lives on, encapsulated in the warmth of this glowing candle.”
  44. “In memory of a beloved [relationship], this candle represents the eternal love that binds us.”
  45. “With each flicker, this candle serves as a testament to the enduring impact you had on our lives.”
  46. “As this candle glows, we find comfort in the loving legacy you left behind.”
  47. “Your presence may be missed, but your light will forever illuminate our memories.”
  48. “In the gentle glow of this candle, we find strength to carry your love in our hearts.”
  49. “With this candle, we honor the life you lived and the love you shared.”
  50. “As the flame dances, we celebrate the beautiful soul that touched our lives.”
  51. “Your memory is a flame that will forever burn bright in our hearts and minds.”
  52. “In this flickering light, we find solace, knowing you are in a place of peace.”
  53. “As this candle burns, we remember the laughter, the love, and the beautiful moments shared.”
  54. “Your spirit shines on, lighting the way for us in times of darkness.”
  55. “In loving memory, this candle represents the eternal bond we hold with you, forever cherished.”

These quotes are just a few examples of the many beautiful and meaningful words that can be used to honor and remember a loved one with a memorial candle quote. Choose the one that resonates with you the most or that you think best represents the person you are remembering.


Personalized memorial candles are a way to remember and honor people who have died. You can make a personalized memorial candle stand out by adding a picture of the person who died, their name, and the times of their birth and death. As a way to ease the pain of loss, these candles can be put in a visible place in the home and lit every day.

You can also buy memory candle votives that are powered by electricity, batteries, or solar energy. You can also access virtual personalized memorial candles through websites or apps on your phone. On the anniversary of the death of a loved one, Jews light Yahrzeit lamps. You can also add pictures and flowers to memorial candles to make a unique memento or keepsake to honor the person who has died. Engraved memorial candle holders are a thoughtful way to show sorrow and a beautiful way to remember a loved one.

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